Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Currently on exhibition: at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA

(My teapot is included in this wonderful exhibition)

The Teapot Redefined


Kate Anderson 
Beth Blankenship 
Rebecca Brown-Thompson 
Ann Coddington 
Emily Dvorin 
Yael Friedman 
Emily Garfield 
Louise Hill 
Jan Huling 
Anna King 
Al Krueger 
Kathlyn Leighton 
Jennifer Maestre
Donna Rhae Marder 
Brooke Marks-Swanson 
Dorothy McGuinness 
Leah Meleski 
Ellen Moon 
Merrill Morrison 
Sylvie Rosenthal 
Lois Russell 
Amanda Salm 
Leslie Sills 
Teresa Sullivan 
Andrea Uravitch 
Mallory Weston
 Radiant Energy
Sterling Silver & Brass

*each element of the teapot is made to be wearable: there are two bracelets, a brooch, a large pendant and the spout can hook onto a pair of earrings