Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Begin Again…transformation and the play behind art, mind, body and spirit

Coming Soon!

Cambridge Open Studios
April 26-27 noon-6pm

Art, Mind & Body: Spiritual Center and Art Gallery 
580 Cambridge Street 
Cambridge, MA 02141

The city of Cambridge will be supporting and showing off its artists.  I am fortunate enough to join them at a common venue to share my jewelry.  Both new and old will be there, exhibiting the transformation of a jeweler and her jewelry. 

Art, Mind & Body: Spiritual Center and Art Gallery 
could not be a better place for this artist to land for this exhibition.  The space supports her beliefs and practices intertwining them in the best format possible.  Stay tuned for classes to be offered through this space and other spaces.  This is the beginning of a new friendship.  

Renewed and Reinforced

Artist Bio and Motivation

I was born and raised in Connecticut. I moved to Massachusetts in 2004 to pursue my dream of creating jewelry. After going to a liberal arts college for a year and not finding passion, I happened upon Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This is where it all started. I had not previously realized that it was possible to study jewelry and one day support myself with my creations. By 2008 I earned my BFA in metals/3D and art education. 

My creative experiences allow me to play, explore, create and mess up often leading to something truly amazing. Play within a process is truly the best way to learn and the only way to succeed. Letting go of failed experiments and knowing which ones to keep is invaluable. I play with as many materials as possible. I make as many mistakes as possible. I let go of perfectionism when possible, but keeping all of the steps along the way that help me develop the actual pieces.

Inspiration is everywhere.

Bold shapes.
Natural patterns.
Strong lines.
Kinesthetic movement.
The hardness of metal, and the ability for it to appear soft and supple.
The process of moving from inspiration to drawing then into a tangible object.
The act of problem solving; figuring out how to make something work and letting go of the product, and allowing each piece to take its own shape.
The impermanence of nature vs. the permanence of my artwork
Patterns of growth; both in nature and in the human existence.
The connection between a seedpod and the womb, the protection each provides. 
The intrigue of a shape or inspiration, and the insight that there is more to it than you’ve ever imagined.
Art can make someone feel, and sparkle when something speaks to them.
The shape of a body and how it creates a detailed map.
I love the power of a woman and how she is able to express herself. Each woman is a warrior in her own right, and deserves to stand in her power and shine bright with whatever her armor may be.